vivo v15 – Handset Review

If you’re looking for a nice little smartphone with a nice big display, then the Vivo smartphones in both the Mini and Go editions are really worth checking out. The dual SIM free version is simply excellent value for money. It offers great value for money with the ability to go from any Android provider and have a fully functional phone. The Vivo 15 has a great screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, a nice notification centre and plenty of storage.

The Vivo 15 has a pretty thin and flat body which is in contrast to the gorilla-like body of some modern smartphones. Despite this, the phone is still extremely tough and well made, and has a great deal of power behind it, even if it’s not quite as powerful as some rivals. The Vivo V15 has a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor with Adreno A processor and 2.5D curved screen which offers a pretty much standard LCD screen. The battery life on this phone vivo v15 isn’t very long but it lasts a good amount longer than others on the market so overall we’d say it’s pretty much the same as the competition.

The standard camera on the vivo v15 is one of the best out of any smartphone in this range. It has an 8 mega-apixel camera which is good for taking quality images in all lighting situations. One of the unique things about the camera on the vivo v15 though, is that it can take HD videos. This is achieved by the Vigo Engine which is situated on the back of the phone and does a fantastic job at optimizing the images taken. The front-facing camera is also good but doesn’t have nearly the same functionality as the rear-facing camera.

If you’re looking for a multimedia smartphone, then the vivo v15 pro is definitely a step above the rest. There are tons of high-end Android apps pre-installed on this phone, including a whole bunch of games, music players, video players and so on. Some apps, like Sonar Vegas, aren’t as good as the others, but the majority of them work very well and are highly recommended by existing users. If you want to watch your own movies from your smartphone, then there are many media players available, again many of them pre-installed, to suit any kind of user experience. In addition to all this, the phone has over a hundred and fifty million songs stored in its internal memory, which is quite impressive by today’s standards.

As part of the software package on the vivo v15 pro, you will get a bundle of useful tools, such as the excellent Task Manager and Smartpen, which help you to quickly navigate through your phone’s interface and perform a variety of common tasks. If you’re wondering what this feature can do, let me explain. The Task Manager basically helps you use your phone’s functions without having to touch the screen, such as when you’re composing a message or taking a phone call. The Smartpen will also allow you to take advantage of the multi-tasking feature when using your smartphone, as it works just like a pen. Finally, the software package includes Holographic user interface control, which allows you to change the default settings the moment you boot up the device. These changes include the keyboard and various options that control the brightness of the display, along with a host of other options.

The real highlight of the vivo v15 pro, however, is the ability to take high-quality pictures. You see, the phone comes with a unique dual LED light technology, which means that the cameras on board take superb photos, even in low light conditions. You’ll be happy to know that Nokia has designed the handset to work seamlessly with the existing Nokia8.1 smartphone via a compatibility update, so you don’t have to purchase a new handset. With this update, you will also be able to take all the regular Nokia selfies, including those taken in the daylight or in bright daylight. Nokia has also designed the vivo v15 to support all the normal connectivity features that come standard with all the different Nokia smartphones, such as GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE and USB.